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Management system WinADM
Easiest Selling Module on the Market


Count onWinADMand congratulate your store's processes.


A specialized company
to innovate your business

BI Business Intelli was incorporated into RH Soluções technology company that has been on the market since 2001 and is  recognized in Jacutinga in systems for commerce and industry, controlling  through the ADM Administrative System, solutions in more than 200 companies in Jacutinga.


Attentive to technological changes, in 2002 the company envisioned that the future of business would be through the Business Management System. Without delay, he looked for tools that would allow the generation of a high quality product.


In 2014 we created new business management modules. The ADM administrative system is now calledWinADMin 11 Versions to satisfy our customers. 

Basic, Smart, Business, Full,, ECF,, S@T,, PAF-ECF, NF-e,  MDF-e, NFC-e and   NFP-e


Now in 2023 with the incorporation BI Business Intelli  provides consultancy and management services to ensure companies are innovating their business strategy.

In 2024, BI Business Intelli aims to help wholesale and retail retailers have greater control over their management.


System Modules

WinADM Management

  • Registrations

  • Shopping, Shopping Suggestion

  • Stock, SKU 

  • Costs, Product Technical Data Sheet

  • Billing/Sales

  • Financial

  • Statistics, Average Ticket Sales 


  • NF-e / MDF-e 

  • Simples Nacional, Normal Regime and Real Profit

  • DRE. Accounting

  • NF-e, State, Interstate, Import and Export

  • ICMS calculation

  • Tax Information


  • NFC-e

  • Automatic XML sending to Accounting

  • Automatic NFC-e issuance Off-Line

  • Card Movement Report 

  • Tax Assessment Report


  • S@T - CF-e

  • Automatic XML sending to Accounting

  • Sending S@T in PDF

  • Card Movement Report 

  • Tax Assessment Report


Shortly: Integration with the largest Electronic Commerce Platform 



Rua Floriano Peixoto, 51 
Jacutinga - MG - Zip code: 37590-000

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