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Deadline to Cancel NF-e, S@T, and NFC-e Tax Documents

NF-e cancellation

NF-e Cancellation Deadline 24 hours.

Except if the Invoice contains options below;

1-MDF-e, ( Recipient Manifest   Electronic )

2-CT-e, ( Knowledge  of Electronic Transport )  

Cancellation S@T

S@T Cancellation Deadline 30 Minutes.

NFC-e cancellation

NFC-e Cancellation Deadline 30 Minutes.

What is NF-e with status denied


The situation of denial of an NF-e occurs when the issuer of the document or the recipient of the operation has some type of registration irregularity at SEFAZ.

The reasons that lead to the denial of the NF-e are:

  • State registration suspended;

  • State registration canceled;

  • State registration downloaded;

  • State registration in process of low;

  • Denied: Issuer or recipient of the operation with some type of registration irregularity;

Whenever the use of an NF-e is denied, the recipient (or even the issuer itself) must be asked to correct the pending state registration at SEFAZ (Secretary of Finance). Under no circumstances should you try to issue the NF-e again, as the return will be the same, if the registration irregularity has not been corrected.

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